February 22, 2011

Typical Day Off

Tuesdays are usually a day off for me and I feel no shame in sleeping in until noon, making a lazy breakfast(see tomorrow's post) and sipping coffee while watching back-to-back episodes of Barefoot Contessa. Since I work a somewhat laborious job, my feet and back need some recovery(I also need to get some better shoes) and I would rather stay home and do nothing(well, almost nothing). 
Today consisted of re-potting the herbs I've been growing into a larger windowsill pot whilst blasting a mix of Edith Piaf and Cee Lo Green. It works, trust me. 
There were also two cats following me around. 
Here's Toulouse, my 3 year old tabby. He's completely sick of having his picture taken.  
  Meet Oscar. A big, fluffy Persian-Siamese mix(at least we think so). I think this picture sums up his personality pretty well. 
Notice how Toulouse acts all cutesy rubbing his face on everything, making you think he's just so innocent. But I know better and so does Oscar. 
Two seconds later he's got his ears back, ready to pounce.
 They do this for hours, barely hitting each other with their fluffy paws. 
Rolling around until they crash on the dining room table.
I will also be enjoying this bottle of pear brandy I picked up at work(annual maintenance=clearing out booze=restocking my sad looking alcohol collection). Besides smelling like brown sugar, this beautiful bottle will be perfect for a singular flower next to my bed once the liquor is finished, of course. 

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