March 31, 2012

Melt in Your Mouth Shortbread

A few nights ago, I exchanged gifts for christmabirthdaeaster. Long story short, it had been a long time since my best friend and I had seen each other. Among awesome new culinary experiences at a Shabu Shabu restaurant, I received the Tartine Cookbook in exchange for a Barefoot Contessa cookbook I love. I successfully skimmed my way through it last night and absolutely fell in love. The authors, Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, own one of San Francisco's most famous bakeries, Tartine. The book offers tried and tested recipes and describes, in depth, the reason why they use the ingredients they use as well as techniques. It's a great read on its own but the recipes are absolutely golden. I decided to try my hand at one of their most simple recipes for shortbread last night with amazing results. Be prepared for the most buttery, fall apart in your mouth cookie. It's all one could ever want in a short bread recipe, really. I can imagine changing this up only slightly with some lemon or orange zest on occasion. But they're perfection without any alterations. Here's the recipe.

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