February 11, 2011

Crafty: Paris Museum Pass

One of the few souvenirs I brought back from France was my Paris Museum Pass. The 4 day pass gave me access to over 60 different attractions(as many times as I wanted!) without having to queue with the rest of the public, saving us hours of time(have you seen how long the line for the Louvre gets?). Completely worth the 50 euro. I didn't get the kitschy Eiffel Tower key chain, but I figured the pass would remind me of all the awesome places I saw. Plus it came all folded up with little descriptions of each attraction the size of a standard credit card. As I was going through some random bags, I came across it and decided I'd make something of it. 
I've been meaning to change up the wall above my desk since acquiring a few new picture frames at Goodwill and thought I could somehow incorporate the pass. The inspiration came from a blog post I read a few months ago where they used envelopes and pictures of friends as a monthly calendar. 
Mine being just for decoration, I used some old playing cards and watered down glue(since I didn't have a glue stick) to post some of my favorite places from the pass booklet. After cutting them out and gluing them on the cards, I attached them to some hung string with colored paper clips.
They now flutter above me while I work and provide a constant escape for me to day dream about my next excursion back to the City of Light. 

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