February 14, 2011

Golden Gate Park Haiku Collection

Since we've had such a strangely warm winter this year, some of the cherry trees are blooming in the park. Golden Gate Park that is. I hear it's similar to New York's Central Park(although I have yet to visit myself) but even bigger and most likely better, but I'm biased. A wildlife haven on the west side of the city going all the way to the beach. Gardens galore, art and science museums, lakes with row boats, and Japanese pagodas fill this mass of green with life. With some of that Japanese inspiration, I've written some award winning haikus in 6th grade style. 

Paradise for birds

Whomping willows protect art

Fat feasting squirrels

 Wander through gardens

The public flock for freedom

Cherry blossoms bloom.

 I know, my poem skills are almost as good as my free-stylin'. 
...I won't quit my day job.

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