August 14, 2010

Not So Home-made

I've got a weakness for deep fried jelly filled dough...I might need therapy. Our 24 hour doughnut shop even sells jelly filled doughnut holes. Clearly, this was some evil genius' idea since 90% of the females I know would buy anything for the simple fact that it's miniature let alone deep fried and covered in sugar.
Vietnamese Bun with Chicken and Imperial Roll
I've also been eating phở (pronounced fuh) for every other meal and when I start to get sick of it I'll order this. But of course, the MSG laden broth keeps me coming back. 'I've never had pho,' you say? What terrible rock have you been living under? You're missing out on one of the best combinations in the world--chewy rice noodles in a savory (usually beef) broth flavored with everything from cardamom to star anise. It comes out piping hot with a plate of fixins' like bean sprouts, thai basil, cilantro, serrano peppers, and lime. Customize to your liking and slurp away.*

*It also works wonderfully to soothe whatever ails you...even curing hangovers the common cold.

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