August 28, 2010

Angel Hair Salad

Summer's finest and simplest.
Chopped tomatoes, chiffonade
of basil, a drizzle of extra virgin
olive oil, and a whhhhisper of
1. Boil pasta according to package.
2. While the pasta is cooking,
roughly chop the tomatoes and
chiffonade* some basil leaves.

3. Chop one clove of garlic in half 
and rub your serving bowl with it.  
4. Throw tomatoes, basil, salt and 
pepper into your bowl and drizzle 
with some good extra virgin olive oil. 
5. When the pasta is finished, strain
and toss to combine with the tomato

Optional: Add some shaved parmesan or pecorino romano over the top.

*Chiffonade is a fancy French term for cutting leafy greens/herbs into thin ribbons. You can do this by stacking the basil leaves then rolling them like a cigar. Run your knife through the rolled basil creating long thin strips of delicious confetti!

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