January 30, 2011

Current Adorations

Two of my favorite Christmas gifts, a 60mm macro lens and an adjustable tripod.

A soon to be lush herb garden on my fire escape.

 This cheap buy from H&M. I never realized how much of an owl collector I was until someone pointed it out. Apparently my room is full of them and now I can take one with me. I always wear rings on my 'ring finger' and yesterday a drunken client told me what a strange wedding ring I had. Win.

Snowshoeing. Last weekend we headed up to Mt. Lassen for a $1 Ranger-led snowshoe walk. They'll let you borrow some snowshoes and give you a quick tutorial on how to use them during a 1-2 mile walk through the forest. The park is absolutely stunning and snowshoeing is a great way to get your heart rate up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

This big orange baby I fondly call Toulouse. 


  1. Love the macrolense photos, especially of the kitties. It brings out Tolouse's adorableness and show how crazy Oscar's eyes really are.

  2. these pictures are fabulous. The cat eyes mesmerize me!!