September 16, 2011

pears of the upside-down form

I declare fall as the best season of all. I'm not sure what it is exactly but this time, every year, I get thoroughly excited about what's to come. Maybe it's because I have so many fond memories attached to this season. 
 Family Halloween parties that took weeks to prepare for. See picture below...our front yard circa 2006 when we did a Nightmare Before Christmas themed haunted house. 
Thanksgivings near Mission Bay, Grandma's house full to the brim with guests and a dessert spread unlike any you've seen.   
The food. Again, the comfort of the aromatic soups, roasts, and sweets, there's nothing comparable.
 The recipe is the same one I used for the plum cake but with the addition of pear brandy and well...pears. While making the sticky sweet topping, I added a tablespoon(or two) of pear brandy to heighten the flavor. Be careful, it may go all flambe on you so keep those eyebrows in check. I subbed 1 tablespoon of the milk for brandy as well. It's not completely noticeable but it gives the cake a certain je ne sais quoi. 
Enjoy it with breakfast or warm out of the oven with a drizzle of cream.

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